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Founder’s Message

Utkal Hospital

welcome to Utkal Hospital

Dr. Aditya Samal


We have been serving the people of Odisha for the past 9 years & have been a part of the evolution of healthcare in Odisha, being amongst the first of Diagnostic Services to provide Nuclear Medicine, PET CT, High dose Radio Nuclide Therapy in the state. Now we are going to upgrade our facility to a 450 bedded Multi Specialty Hospital, providing quality healthcare experience to our customers. Healthcare industry, today, has moved ahead from an experience based diagnosis and therapy with a fixed mentality to a preventive healthcare mentality, with a focused objective of providing evidence based diagnosis and therapy with a comfortable experience to the customers.

The same ethos runs through our organization, with a vision of providing Multi Specialty Healthcare Services of International Standards, built on expertise, cemented by trust & delivered with warmth and care. Now, we not only offer diagnostic/curative services but have planned a gamut of services centered on wellness & preventive health solutions for all age groups.

What makes us different & carves out a niche for us is the fact that we are situated at the heart of the city, with renowned physicians on our panel, the best of technology in medical care supported with a team of highly trained and compassionate staff. We would like to sincerely thank the people of Odisha for their blessings to our efforts, and we solicit your wishes & support in making us the best in our league.

welcome to Utkal Hospital

Dr. Kalyan Kumar Rath


Utkal Hospital has come a long way over the last 9 years from a small but unique Nuclear Medicine Center , first of its kind in our state , to a large Modern Multispecialty Hospital of International standard with the support of all our people from Odisha. This hospital has been designed by a group of dedicated doctors committed to improving healthcare standards in our state with vast experience and training in modern healthcare delivery from renowned institutions of India and abroad.

Active involvement of practicing physicians and surgeons in the planning and administration of our healthcare services ensures that we will continuously improve the standard of care in an era of ever changing technological evolution and new discoveries in medical research. Providing holistic healthcare in a culturally sensitive atmosphere, affordable manner and treating every individual with compassion, love, respect and dignity is the foundation and philosophy of our hospital.

Your trust, confidence, and continued support will enable us to reach new heights in the healthcare standard of Odisha for our people. Together we can make our dream come true.

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